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Hotel got Pool Deals Alert - Christmas Time and New Years is just around the corner.

There are some great deals going on now, we found some amazing places to stay if your looking for something off peak.

Our travles have taken us to Dallas recently, with a long trip planned for S Flordia and hopefully a trip to Hawiie.

Las Vegas is a great place to except the cold and find a nice pool in the winter months. There are some great deal to Vegas on right now.


Check out deals on hotels in New Orleans and Miami, both have some great pool hotels that stay open in the winter months.


Great deals on all inclusive vacatoin packages to Cancun, Miami, and other beach locations. If you're looking for a place that isn't blazing hot, try San Diego or other spots in Souther California.


If you looking to checkout Phoenix, go check out the deal with priceline.

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